Bastli is a commission of the AMIV that allows you access to the practical part of your studies. We operate an E-Lab and a shop for electronic components. Both are open several times a week. There, you can profit from modern measurement equipment, a lots of laboratory equipment, a circuit board milling machine, lots of tools and expertise. bastli.ethz.ch


BEEZ stands for Biomedical Engineering ETH Zürich and it's a commission of AMIV founded in 2009. It represents stutent interests in the master program "Biomedical Engineering" beez.ethz.ch


Blitz is our newspaper. There are 6 editions per semester, one edition every second monday. It reaches almost a 100% of all students in the departments of Mechanical and Process Engineering (D-MAVT) and Information Technology and Electric Engineering (D-ITET). That's about 3'000 engineers of tomorrow! blitz.ethz.ch


Our brewing commission has been called to existance in summer 2009. Two to three times per semester, our members brew their own beer and serve it in various events. amiv.ethz.ch/bierkommission


Are you looking for experience abroad? Are you interested in workshops and the most recent technical trends? Would you like to get to know people from all over Europe? Then visit one of our free EESTEC workshops europe-wide and get involved in the local commitee! eestec.net/lc/zurich


The amateur radio club is on the ETZ rooftop. The Shack - the radio station - is well equipped. From classical Morse code to new digital operation modes, almost everything is possible. For preparation of the amateur radio officer examination, we offer a preparatory course every autumn semester. hb9zz.ethz.ch


AMIV Kontakt is a company contact fair that offers stutents and companys the opportunity to get into contact. AMIV Kontakt is organized by a team consisting of members from the External Relations branch and volunteers.kontakt.amiv.ethz.ch


ETZetera is our sandwich bar. It's located in the ETZ building. Every day, students prepare the best sandwiches for students. Zur Webseite


Die LIMES = Ladies in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Studies share the goal of promoting young female talents. Apart from that, we contribute for social cohesion and the future of the female MAVT and ITET students by organizing social events and excursions. amiv.ethz.ch/limes

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