Student representation and informations about your studies

On these pages you can find out about the operations of the student representation of AMIV and get information, timetables and links directing you to the course pages of your courses of studies. Also there are FAQs which include information starting with information about a change of degree courses, a list of the computer-rooms or how you can access the ETH studyrooms at night!

Before you start

Mechanical or Electrical engineering or Computer Science?

Together with the students association of the computer science students we inform high school graduadets about the differences in those degrees on the information days of ETH.


Although AMIV tries to keep these pages as up to date and correct as possible, we cannot guarantee for the information provided on the sites. Especially the timetables and the exam conditions contain no official or binding information. They are meant to give you a broad overview. For binding information consult to mystudies by ETH!

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